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White paper: Unlocking the Potential of Data Spaces

Gepubliceerd op 20 maart 2024

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Dit artikel is geplaatst op: CoE-DSC

Parties interested in deploying a data space need to use the right technologies and need to make sure they get the business and governance of the data space right. This is easier said than done, because there is relatively little guidance on how to deploy a data space successfully. What guidance can be given? On behalf of the CoE-DSC, a white paper has been written about this topic by Gijs van Houwelingen et al., TNO.

Download the white paper

Developing a data space: trust, organisation and investment

When different parties share data, it can lead to innovative solutions that make a difference. But as a company or organisation, what data do you want to share? With whom? And what does that involve? A data space can be a good solution for sharing data with each other.

For the white paper, various people were interviewed and these are the three key highlights:

  1. Developing trust. Parties that collaborate to develop a data space, are choosing a robust and reliable infrastructure that allows only specific data to be shared with participating parties. However, this requires close cooperation in which all participating parties trust each other. Trust, both informal and formal, is crucial.
  2. Organisation of the data space. Apart from establishing trust, the organisation of the data space should also be carefully aligned with the objectives of the data space over time. Create a clear (and limited) scope and process to better align with the needs of stakeholders in early development phases, while keeping in mind how the data space can be scaled in later phases once the user base expands.
  3. Investment structure. Data space deployment also calls for an understanding of its investment structure and value creation, as well as the selection of appropriate business models. It is important to identify who are the main beneficiaries of the data space, and selecting business models which support this to help finance data space development and operation.

Do you want to know more?

The aim of this whitepaper is to offer guidance on the business and governance side of successful data space deployment. It is meant for anyone or any organisation involved in an initiative to deploy a data space or interested in becoming involved in one.

Download the white paper

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