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Expert Sessie - Product Passports / Carbon ESG

Gepubliceerd op 29 februari 2024

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Dit event is een samenwerking van 2Tokens en de DBC. Het is een Engelstalig event.

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The 2Tokens Carbon Token working groups objective is designing, developing and implementing a carbon token standard that facilitates the efficient and transparent trading and transferring of carbon related assets. The token will contribute to acceptance and use of carbon related assets in both an industrial (corporate) and a household setting.

The project will convincingly demonstrate the relevance of asset backed tokenization for the provision, distribution and use in accounting & reporting of carbon tokens, by developing and promoting a working and sustainable solution in conceptual, organizational, technical and commercial terms that benefit those that have a large carbon footprint and those who contribute most to mitigating global warming potential. During this morning session you are introduced to several relevant projects, their status, challenges and opportunities. We talk about the perspective of the startup, the large corporate, the supporting infrastructure and the legal perspective.

Since tokens do not know of any borders and carbon offsets often take place in remote areas that are more difficult to control, transparency and governance are key to the trustworthiness of tokenization. We will guide you through challenges and solutions, along pitfalls and fast lanes.

Location: Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland, The Hague

Date: March 29, 2024

Participants: Max. 25. Selected audience.

Professionals in the field of energy and tokenization.

Time: 09:30 - 12:30, including Easter lunch

Costs: Free for 2Tokens fellows* & partners


The goal of a carbon token is to create economic incentives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating climate change. However, there are several concerns and criticisms associated with the concept of carbon credits:

  1. Lack of Additionality
  2. Lack of Transparency:
  3. Insufficient Reductions
  4. Inequitable Distribution:

Our first speaker, will take you through the opportunities and challenges of tokenization of the voluntary carbon market.


Collecting accurate carbon footprint data

By Jordi de Vos, Co-Founder of Circularise

With our technology, companies can trace products and materials to verify their origins, certificates, CO2, and other material data. Our mission is to enable a circular economys. Circularise enables supply chain actors to share sensitive data without risking privacy and confidentiality.


Catalyzing Collective Intelligence and Impact Capital

By Alex Prate, Co-Founder of Hypha DAO

We envisage ourselves as the new planetary operating system, easy to use for every human focused on positive outcomes. A large-scale facilitator for the deployment of impact capital across the planet. A space where collective decision making creates the conditions for the emergence of human collective intelligence.


Modular sustainable solar panel smart grid solutions for homeowners' associations and housing corporations without an increase in monthly charges.

By René ter Veer, Director of Voor de VVE

Table Discussions:

  • European Energy Law, Regulatory and Compliance
  • Energy Markets and Trading
  • Rewarding for imbalance
  • Implementing energy Communities

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