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Dutch Blockchain Coalition partner in World Bank Group Spring Meeting

Gepubliceerd op 16 april 2018

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The Dutch Blockchain Coalition is partner in the World Bank Group & International Monetary Fund 2018 Spring Meetings in Washington DC. This meeting brings together Government officials, experts, policy makers and opinion leaders. They are invited to discuss and look at how the digital and decentralized ledger technologies, notably blockchain, can be used for development across the globe.

The speakers from different countries will showcase and discuss the applications and benefits of blockchain for international development and for the World Bank Group in achieving its goals of promoting shared prosperity and eradicating extreme poverty.

The event will be introduced by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag and World Bank Managing Director and Chief Administrative Officer Mr. Shaolin Yang followed by presentations on current blockchain technology related use cases and a panel discussion on how countries can prepare to harness new technologies and be ‘blockchain-ready’.

René Penning de Vries, Chairman of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, is one of the panel members. He will share experience gained in the Netherlands with regards to necessary conditions for a country to become ‘blockchain-ready’. He will touch upon the work done in the coalition to build a solid fundament under large scale blockchain applications such as digital identity management, the regulatory environment and standardization. Follow our website for reports and videos next week.

World Bank Group and disrupting technologies

Rapid technological change is disrupting the way we live, work, and come together; changing the nature of education and work, and the contours of the global economy. Technology offers unprecedented opportunities to redefine and accelerate paths to development, making a world with universal access to government services, financial services, and global markets possible. The World Bank Group has been integrating the digital innovation in its operating model and development agenda, helping client countries to prepare for the digitally enabled future.

More about the event

It is for the first time, the WBG is harnessing the Spring Meeting/Annual Meeting platform, to convene an event entirely dedicated to blockchain and its potential impact for development. The event is organized in partnership with the Dutch Blockchain Coalition and a broad range or private sector and international partners and counterparts.

More about the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

The Dutch Blockchain Coalition (DBC) is the public-private partnership that wants to use blockchain technology to make a digital exchange system for government bodies, companies and citizens possible based on the principles of trust, security and legitimacy.

The potential applications of blockchain are considerable and range from faster applications for mortgages to the simplified settlement of energy and the control that citizens have over their own data (self-sovereign identity).

The coalition realises an action agenda in which it tests the possibilities of blockchain technology, the technology against current legislation (e.g. the legal validity of smart contracts) and encourages training and talent development with a Human Capital Agenda. Other pillars are realising a strong cyber security and the setting up of a public-private funded research and training programme in this area. At the level of reliability of the blockchain system, the coalition is working together with the EU, and at a country level with Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

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