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Exploring cybersecurity in 2024

Published 23 January 2024

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This month, we spoke with Eddy Boot, the director of dcypher, to discuss the trends, challenges, and strategies in cybersecurity as we move into 2024.

Eddy offers his expert views on the key developments in the field, highlighting dcypher's role in influencing cybersecurity policies, our collaborative efforts in strengthening cyber defenses and the importance of our partnerships across government and industry sectors. He also speaks about dcypher's commitment to promoting cybersecurity innovation as a crucial public concern and the significance of keeping abreast of our initiatives. Join us as we explore these important topics, showcasing how dcypher is actively working to enhance digital security in our interconnected world.

Cutting-edge cybersecurity trends: "Eddy, looking into 2024, what do you perceive as the most pivotal trends in cybersecurity that are shaping the industry?"

"There's a lot happening at the moment, like the upcoming EU cybersecurity legislation, the shift towards cloud security, the focus on the shortage of cyber specialists, etc. But I think the most important trend will be the further application of AI in cybersecurity. Consider the impact of generative AI on social engineering attacks and code writing. Also, the significant impact AI has on the spread of misinformation and influence. In the context of elections in much of the world this year, this will be a major challenge for our field. Note, AI is to be taken seriously as a threat, but I also see it as an opportunity. Think of ‘automated security’ allowing us to do more with fewer people, and to respond faster and better to threats."

dcypher's role in shaping cybersecurity policy: "Could you discuss how dcypher is influencing cybersecurity policy and practice in light of these emerging trends?"

"dcypher was established to bring about long-term solutions for the wicked problems in cybersecurity. To achieve this, we bring together parties each conducting their own research and application, to collaboratively work on real breakthrough solutions that keep us digitally safe in the future. I already mentioned AI, but also consider new solutions for Post-Quantum Crypto, IT/IoT/OT security, and supply chain security."

Innovative collaborations in cyber defense: "Are there any significant collaborative projects or initiatives in cyber security that dcypher is excited about for this year?"

"As a collaborative platform, dcypher brings parties together in practice through multidisciplinary programs. We help organize funding for these, ensure that parties match demand and supply, and help start programs based on this. If possible, we then step back because it's about the commitment and effort of the participating parties: they must work together on new innovations. Programs we're focusing on this year include expanding the CS4NL program, moving towards national expertise centers in Post Quantum Crypto and Security Automation, and preparing a major National Growth Fund proposal for Sustainable Cybersecure Systems (DCS). We're also involved in addressing the shortage of cybersecurity specialists and further developing our portal for funding new innovations."

Partnerships with government and industry: "How crucial are partnerships with government and industry players for dcypher in influencing the cybersecurity landscape of 2024?"

"Essential! Collaboration between government, providers, and consumers of cybersecurity is necessary. You see this in the establishment of public policies such as the NLCS and the transition the NCSC is currently undergoing. But for innovation, collaboration is even more vital: given the rapid technological developments and the desired long-term impact of new solutions, research, education, government, and entrepreneurs must work very closely in our programs. If you don't, you get partial solutions that together fall short of keeping us (affordably) digitally secure."

Cybersecurity as a public priority: "Given our growing reliance on digital technology, how does dcypher view its role in advocating cybersecurity as a public priority?"

"dcypher has a unique position as a public-private entity. This is evident, for instance, in dcypher's advisory board, which includes all relevant parties. This positions us to ensure that government policy optimally aligns with what is needed for the education, research, application, and trade of cybersecurity. We do this as dcypher through our responsibility in implementing the national cybersecurity strategy NLCS, participation in the Government Cybersecurity Directors Board, and as part of the Top Sector policy. Practically, in our programs, we always include CIOs, CISOs, policy officers, and cyber specialists from the government. dcypher also continues to ensure we don't just look nationally: cybersecurity does not stop at our borders, and we therefore emphasize the necessity of international cooperation in knowledge and innovation, at least within the EU. We do this together with our partners at NCC | NEXIS."

Public importance of following dcypher: "Finally, could you explain why it is important for the general public to follow and understand the activities of dcypher in 2024? How do dcypher's actions and insights directly impact everyday digital security and privacy?"

"Whatever role you have in the cybersecurity field, given the dynamics of our profession, your work always involves change and renewal. Think of new types of attacks, rapid technological developments, continuous changes in procedures, different perspectives on risk management, and emerging legislation. Do you want to see how these aspects of your work fit into a larger context? And how your position, product, or knowledge can contribute to working towards structural solutions for the future? Then definitely take a look at what we're doing. The various dcypher programs provide a lot of information via websites, LinkedIn, newsletters, and open meetings. And we're approachable: an email to is always answered quickly, and no question is too strange for us!"

Eddy Boot - Exploring cybersecurity in 2024

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