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Digital Twinning and Immersive technologies

Digital Twinning and Immersive technologies

One of the most exciting and promising developments in our ever-changing and digitising world is the combination of Digital Twinning and Immersive Technologies. This powerful combination has the potential to transform the way we design, produce, learn and communicate. These technologies therefore play a crucial role in driving innovation and progress


Jasper Renema

Programme coordinator

Topsector ICT

Key application areas of Digital Twinning

The application areas of Digital Twinning are numerous and ever-expanding. Below, we list some key application areas:

  • Industrial optimisation
    By creating digital twins of factories, machines and processes, companies can improve performance and efficiency. This results in reduced downtime, optimised processes and cost savings.
  • Urban planning
    Digital Twinning can help planners and policymakers better understand the impact of infrastructure projects, traffic flows, energy management and environmental impact. This allows simulations and decisions to be made based on data rather than gut feeling.
  • Healthcare and Life Science
    The application of Digital Twinning in healthcare and life science enables personalised treatments. Digital twins of patients can, for example, help doctors predict response to medication, plan surgical procedures, optimise care processes and provide personalised lifestyle advice.

Major application areas of Immersive technologies

The main applications of Immersive technologies today are:

  • Training and Simulation
    Immersive Technologies enable professionals to practise complex tasks and procedures in a safe and controlled virtual environment. This is especially valuable in sectors such as aviation, healthcare and construction, where realistic training is essential and mistakes carry high costs or can have major consequences - sometimes even life-threatening ones.
  • Design and Prototyping
    Immersive Technologies allow designers and engineers to visualise and interactively explore their concepts before building physical prototypes. This speeds up the design process, reduces costs and enables faster iterations.
  • Tourism and Entertainment
    Immersive Technologies are opening up new opportunities for interactive experiences in the tourism and entertainment industry: from virtual travel to faraway destinations to immersive games. Using the technologies, immerse yourself in captivating and exciting virtual worlds.

Digital Twinning and Immersive technologies also reinforce each other. Combining these technologies creates exciting opportunities for improving performance, implementing efficiency and innovation.

Strong starting position for the Netherlands

The Netherlands is known for its innovative spirit, technological expertise and entrepreneurship. Embracing Digital Twinning and Immersive Technologies offers our country new opportunities and benefits. It provides competitive advantages in the above sectors and makes Dutch companies more attractive to international customers and investors. The technologies also help the Netherlands optimise infrastructure, energy management and urban planning, thereby promoting sustainable development. Reducing resource waste and making processes more efficient contributes to environmental protection and climate change efforts. Finally, the Netherlands can foster a thriving innovation ecosystem, leading to new startups, public-private partnerships and a vibrant community of researchers and developers.

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