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Crafting the Dutch Trust Tech Landscape

Crafting the Dutch Trust Tech Landscape

Topsector ICT is pleased to announce the "Crafting the Dutch Trust Tech Landscape" workshop on June 5th, from 13:00 to 17:00, in support of the new program, Digital Trust NL. 

Gepubliceerd op 13 mei 2024

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Tijs Koops

Programmamanager Internationalisering en innovatief mkb

Topsector ICT

This initiative aims to foster collaborative efforts between public and private entities involved in Trust Technologies towards the development of an international Digital Trust NL strategy. Initial focus is on Singapore being a steppingstone to Asia, with special interest for Japan, South-Korea and Taiwan.

Recognizing the significance of Digital Trust in responsible digital transformation, we acknowledge the challenges associated with its attainment. The workshop serves as a platform for stakeholders to contribute to the creation of an initial version of the Dutch Trust Tech landscape, a vital component in formulating a cohesive international Digital Trust strategy.

Given the limitations in resources faced by both public and private sectors on a global scale, the establishment of Digital Trust NL seeks to bridge national synergies and facilitate international collaborations. By doing so, we aspire to bolster the Netherlands' presence in the international arena while unlocking new business opportunities.

The workshop will be structured into two segments: the first part will delve into trust technology, while the latter part will explore use cases and business opportunities. We encourage participation from all interested parties and urge attendees to register via the provided link to ensure their inputs are duly considered in shaping the Digital Trust strategy.

We look forward to your active involvement, as we strive to establish a stronger international presence and seize emerging opportunities for the Netherlands.

Add your name to the list and join the workshop

Draft Working Agenda

13.00 Doors open and coffee
13.30 Opening address

Importance of Trust Tech for Digital Trust in context of

  • Nationale Technologiestrategie (NTS) van EZK
  • Kennis en Innovatie Agenda Digitalisering (KIA) Topsector ICT and Coalitions
  • International ambitions

13.50 Trust Tech & Use Cases (8min each)

14.30 Trust Tech Review

The starting point is the Trust Tech Framework of Digital Trust Center Singapore. Add technologies that are missing, need to be replaced and adapted in a joint exercise?

14.50 Coffee break

15.10 Keynote on Digital Trust Decision Making Framework by Dr Augustinus Mohn of KPMG

Digital trust is not just an ambition, it is a relative new market segment with good opportunities for new business and strong implications for the boardroom.

15.30 Digital Trust NL Landscape Development

Second joint exercise: Mapping companies, products, projects and initiatives on the Dutch Trust Tech Framework, and working towards a Digital Trust use case repository.

16.10 Wrapping up and way forward

  • Internet consultation to complete Dutch Trust Tech Landscape, ready end June.
  • Building unique international partnerships

16.25 Closing remarks

16.30 Networking and Drinks

18.00 End of event


Digital trust is a significant change in perspective. It involves a transition from cybersecurity and protections from the viewpoint of asset owners, towards placing trust in digital technologies and services from the standpoint of end users and society. The definition of digital trust by the Digital Trust initiative of the World Economic Forum is: “Digital trust is individuals’ expectation that digital technologies and services – and the organizations providing them – will protect all stakeholders’ interests and uphold societal expectations and values.” This high-level ambition is essential for a responsible implementation of the digital transformation.

Digital trust doesn't come without a cost. The presence of diverse cyber-attacks, misinformation, digital fraud, privacy violations, and unintentional technical failures highlights the array of digital challenges confronting us. These issues further contribute to the erosion of trust in our digital economy. Simultaneously, the irreversible nature of digital transformation is evident, fuelled by the immense potential for innovation and enhanced efficiencies stemming from digital technologies, advancements in encryption, and hyper-connectivity. Digital progress often precedes developments in governance, policy, and societal perceptions. The foundation of contemporary society relies on trust in our digital government, companies, and ecosystem to effectively implement digital transformation. The challenge lies in aligning technological trends with societal expectations on the path toward a society designed around trust. To encourage innovation within our digital society, new technologies are being developed with assurances that address current challenges and expectations—referred to as Trust Technologies.

State-of-the-art Trust Tech Framework was developed by the Digital Trust Center from Singapore (Figure below). This roadmap includes distributed cryptography such as multi-party computing and homomorphic encryption, decentralized technologies like Digital IDs and Web3, and responsible artificial intelligence for forensics as well as Large Language Models (LLMs). This is used as the starting point for crafting the Dutch Trust Tech Landscape.

Trust Tech Framework

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